Discover the Story of Cigar

Historians generally believe that cigars were invented by the ancient Maya, who wrapped tobacco in the palm of their hand or a plantain leaf and smoked it. Archaeologists have even discovered an ancient Mayan pot from the 10th century that depicts a Mayan man smoking one of these very early cigars.

Why Don Javier Mendoza is unique?

All of our cigars are 100% hand made. We personally pick the tobacco leaves on the market, choosing only the best of the premium tobacco of international level to give you a clean and deep experience of cigar smoking and also to avoid damaging your health. We exclusively use high quality long leaves, tobacco from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Peru and Costa Rica.

This wide selection of high quality harvest from different regions of the American continent allows us to roll unique blends to provide you with a special smoking experience.

Our cigars

Our cigars are characterised by the balanced earthy, nutty flavour, distinct cedar, slightly floral, hay, leather and when aged; chocolate with buttery toast and usually a tiny bit of pepper in the background. The smoke is creamy and sufficient in volume with a perfect draw. The ash usually sticks for a long period. Often times you can even hold the cigar by its ash.


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Why People Choose us?

Remind yourself you have nowhere to go except up as you have already been at the bottom.


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