Mendoza Style

Welcome to Don Javier Mendoza!

We are a big family of cigar aficionados, enthusiasts and professionals. Most of us were born in Estelí, northern Nicaragua and studied our profession in tobacco factories led by Cuban expats, thought by Cuban masters. We have smoked cigars from every part of the world and made millions of ‘puros’ with our bare hand rolling each of them to their perfection.

After almost 20 years of experience we have decided to fund our own factory and brand, Don Javier Mendoza to produce our own creations and also to provide bare cigars for exportation purpose.

All of our cigars are 100% hand made. We personally pick the tobacco leaves on the market, choosing only the best of the premium tobacco of international level to give you a clean and deep experience of cigar smoking and also to avoid damaging your health. We exclusively use high quality long leaves, tobacco from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Peru and Ecuador.

For us this is not only a business, this is our way of life and what we love to do.