Cigar Lodge

Taste our paradise

The idea of our hotel was inspired by those wine estates that also provide accommodation. We offer a meaningful stay especially for those who are passionate about cigars, interested in the process of rolling and would like to experience it in a tropical beach paradise. Of course, any interested person or accommodation seeker is also welcome.

Our basic service is to allow the adult visitors of our hotel to try the cigars we roll, so we provide unlimited local consumption. On our terrace overlooking the rain forest, our guests can enjoy their smoke along with a fine drink in a harmonious environment.

Discover the natural and cultural wonders of our region on tours we organise in our natural treasure chest known as Costa Rica. Those who stay can hike or walk around the hotel or use the hotel’s bicycles. There are activities for almost every interest in the area that is famous for the country’s most beautiful beaches, unique afro and indigenous culture, spectacular wildlife.